Monday, 7 July 2014

Review: Pond's Age Miracle Range

About a month ago, I was sent some products from the Pond's Age Miracle range to review. Being an aethetician, I was very sceptacle at first because I've always had this notion that if you can walk into a shop and pick and choose products without "recommendation" then chances are there is nothing active in them so they don't work! I still believe that to some extent, hence the reason why it's always important to take note of the ingredients #don'tjudgeme

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised...

For a while I had been using "natural" products, which I was happy with, and not looking for anything else as I was seeing the results I wanted. When I received the Pond's Age Miracle range, the first ingredient that worried me was 'fragrance'.. being someone with fairly sensitive skin, my main worry was I would have some reaction that would then take me forever to get rid of... that did not happen!

What i received...
How beautiful is the packaging?!

What stood out the most to me...
Pond's has worked so hard on their formulation, so much so, that they have included testing strips that one must use to gauge the depth of your crows feet before using the product, and again retest, after a week of following the regimen!

I received the normal - dry range, which I expected to be super rich and possibly give me breakouts. Once again, I was happy to note that the different layers ie. serum, eye cream, day cream.. all absorbed really well into my skin and did not leave an oily/shiny residue.

My absolute favourite out of the range...
I'm sooo loving the Age Miracle Intensive Cell Regen Serum. It's a water based serum that goes on smoothly, feels like velvet and aids with cell regeneration - which we all need. 

My routine...
Twice a day (am & pm):
Cell ReGen Facial Foam
Cell ReGen Toner
Intensive Cell ReGen Serum
Dual Action Eye Cream
Cell ReGen Day Cream/Deep Action Night Cream

What I would have loved to see in the basic range...
Possibly the use of more active ingredients in the night cream or in the form of an enzyme exfoliator to help get rid of dead skin cells, black heads, etc.. Yes, the cleanser has micro granules but I think it could be done better. Also maybe having a 2-in-1 cleanser toner ~ as a working mum, I managed to get into the routine, but still felt like there were many steps in the facial routine.

Would I recommend this product range...
Yes, I would recommend this range to anyone looking to work on their preventative/anti-aging skin care routine. It is easily available and the most expensive product retails for around R145 - making it an affordable range. I'm pleased with my results so far and although I started with minimal fine lines, I'm able to feel the difference in the texture and tone of my skin, particularly in the eye area where my skin has always been a little less hydrated!

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